An End User License Agreement Is Quizlet

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Where the data is acquired by or on behalf of the U.S. Government or another legal entity that seeks or enforces rights similar to those ordinarily claimed by the U.S. Government, it is a «business object» within the meaning of 48 C.F.R. («FAR») 2.101, which is permitted pursuant to this Agreement. and any copy of the data provided or provided by other means must be identified and incorporated with the following «Notice of Use» and processed in accordance with this Communication: Your license to use the Data is not exclusive and expressly limited to your personal use, or if you are acting on behalf of a business entity, use in your company`s internal procedures. This certificate is subject to compliance with the restrictions and restrictions set out therein and does not imply the right to grant sub-licenses. We reserve the right to make changes to this agreement at our discretion, without prior notice. EuLA protects the licensor or copyright holder of the software by prohibiting the licensee from reselling the software at your expense for their own personal benefits. A license essentially gives the user «permission» or a limited right to use the software. This End User License Agreement («EULA») is a legally valid agreement between you, the End User (whether an individual or a single legal entity) and Youlean Software («Youlean»), a private company registered in Serbia. The terms of the agreement apply to the software product(s), plugin(s) and any other Youlean services or software updates.

By downloading, installing, using, copying or distributing the software, the user accepts all the terms of this agreement, as set out below. If the user does not agree with any of the terms of this ITA, the user should not download, install, install, use, copy, transfer or distribute this (copy) of the software. If the user accepts the conditions of this AEE, the user has the following rights. By using the software, you agree to these terms. UPGRADES: The user who purchased the product is entitled to free updates for life. REGISTRATION: After purchasing the PRO version, you will receive a unique license key. You must keep your license key secret. They must not distribute, give, lend or resell it. We reserve the right to monitor the level of your main usage activities and to take all necessary measures in the event of abnormal use.

The source code, design and structure of the software (with the exception of other software) are trade secrets. They will not decompile or decompile them unless expressly permitted by law or they do not distribute them. You will not use the software for any illegal purpose. They will comply with all export laws. The software is licensed, not sold. Without prejudice to any other rights, Youlean may terminate this EUA if you fail to comply with the terms of this SEA. In this case, you must destroy all copies of the software. Termination of this Agreement or any other software license granted under this Agreement shall not affect Customer`s obligation to pay for products and licenses granted prior to termination. The data includes certain information and related content provided under license by third parties and is subject to the applicable terms of the provider and the copyright notices set out in the following URL: In the absence of an end user license agreement, a software publisher accepts in many ways a free and open source software license. In these copyleft situations, all future versions of the software should continue to be distributed for free.. . .


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