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The content of the contract is defined by referenced or attached documents, our specification and the duration of purchase. Detailed information is available in the attached documents. Did you attach only original documents (no copies)? The processing time is about four weeks for a degree studying in Germany and about three months for a foreign degree. You can, for example. B indicate the number of attachments and the most frequently cited words, or consult the number and distribution of each word within the entry or documents. The online application must be accompanied by the following documents: copies of the corresponding supporting documents must be attached. This function allows you to analyze the text of the input of the hardware itself as well as all the files that are added to it. You will find the corresponding documents in the right-hand column. From 1.11.2013, the doctoral managers of the respective clinics or institutes are interlocutors for doctoral students and no longer the doctoral office. For example, you can specify the number of documents added and the most frequently cited words, or specify the number and distribution of each word inside the entry or document. Access to the US financial market would therefore also be closed to Bank Austria`s Austrian customers. The Diploma Supplement is attached to the official documents relating to university degrees for further information. Consequently Bank Austria clients also could be excluded from US Capital market.

Documents in ElliNET – including any associated data such as images, graphics, multimedia data, etc. – are protected by copyright. By cooperating with partners from all over the world, I am in principle able to cover any language combination, no matter how exotic. Please submit all documents to your respective doctoral officer. I translate respective documents from English or Arabic / Farsi to my French mother language. . . .


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