Challenge Prenuptial Agreement

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The courts have exclusive jurisdiction to order custody and custody of children (now known as joint decision-making). How does the law maintain or invalidate pre-marital agreements? You and your spouse must have an independent lawyer to verify a marriage contract before signing. If only your spouse`s lawyer checked the agreement and simply told you that everything was fine, you may be able to challenge the agreement due to a lack of advice. We will discuss the three of these challenges, but it is also interesting to note that the spouse who contests a marriage contract or a contract or a specific clause or provision of the agreement must prove the existence of some kind of inadequacy in the drafting of the agreement. The New York divorce courts made a decision on the matter in Rabinovich v. Shevchenko, 93 AD 774 and Christian v. Christian, 42 NY2d 63. The provisions of contract law apply in principle to the determination of the validity of the contract when it is drawn up. Most couples don`t think about weddings. With all the hustle and bustle and happiness that surrounds a wedding, it may seem strange to think about how your money will be shared in the event of a divorce. But what if you or your spouse disagree with the marriage contract in the event of divorce? Marriage contracts may be subject to judicial review in certain situations. In this blog post, you`ll learn about the circumstances in which you can contest a marriage contract in Florida.

Marriage contracts must also be executed exactly in accordance with the law. . . .


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