Difference Between Grants Contracts And Cooperative Agreements

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For grants, federal participation in data collection is generally very low. Therefore, it is usually not necessary to carry out a PRA verification and authorization. However, there are exceptions when the collection of information is considered «carried out or sponsored» by an agency as part of a federal grant. PRA only applies to grants if the cooperation agreements should be subject to substantial participation between the NIJ and the winner. The Fellow must cooperate with the awarded NIJ Grant Manager, who is the authorized representative of NIJ responsible for the proper management of the prize. In addition, a NIJ scientist is responsible for collaborating with the laureate`s researchers on substantive issues related to the award – support, guidance, coordination and participation in project activities to ensure its success. What is the difference between a Federal Grant and a Federal Contract? In the legal sense of the term, financial assistance and acquisition are types of contracts: NIJ may choose to grant discretionary powers in the form of grants or cooperation agreements. While many of you are familiar with grants, you may not be so familiar with cooperation agreements. Cooperation agreements are just another tool to support quality crime and justice research. Cooperation agreements allow us to take full advantage of the expertise of NIJ scientists and support innovative research. The table below shows some of the main differences and similarities between these two financing options.

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