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In addition to the «agreement», you can also look for an explanation for the following words: Below you will find a translation of the meaning of the English-Indonesian word agreement in the English-Indonesian dictionary For this convention in sex, pronouns that follow the sexual nature of the term preceding the pronoun, whether feminine, masculine or neutral are used. For more details, check out a few examples. Tired of someone`s behavior? Tired of your daily activities? That means you`re done with this. You can even use capital letters to point out that you are SO BORED. Aggressively is a word of conformity that exists between pronodem and predecessor in a certain way like number, person and sex. If you don`t yet know what Antecenden t is, the precursor is a word, phrase or clause that is replaced by a pronoun in a sentence. Well, this chord should be used in a sentence if both are complete in the sentence. For example, the sentence: you should take your bag. The composition is you as a forerunner, and yours as pronoun. Now, here are some complete explanations that can add to your understanding of different chords and sample sentences. The chord consists of 9 characters starting with the a sign and ending with dementia with 4 vowels. If you like something secretly, it means you like it with a low key. It`s keeping something at its lowest level.

Michael is a savage he just landed, that he changed in the back 180!!! This Large Dictionary application of Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI) is an online kbbi (unofficially online), which is made to facilitate the search, use and reading of the meaning of the word (lema / sub lema). Unlike some similar sites, we strive to provide a variety of other features, such as access speed, display with a variety of different colors for word types, a screen suitable for all web browsers, be it desktops, laptops or smartphones, etc. Full features can be read in the KBBI Online Features section. Kbbi Online Main Database always refers to KBBI Daring Edition III, so the content (word and meaning) is copyright of the Language Development and Development Agency, Kemdikbud (formerly the Language Center). Apart from the main data, we try to add new words that receive additional information at the end of the meaning or definition with «external definition.» I hope that it will further complement the collection of educational references in Indonesia and bring considerable benefits.


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