If Two Are In Agreement

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– Webster`s BibleI also solemnly tell you that if two of you here on earth agree on something they will ask for, the blessing of my Father, who is in heaven, will come to them.- Weymouth BibleAs, I am sure that if two of you on earth agree on something, what they will ask for, it will be done for them by my father who is in paradise.- English BibleEftsoone Y seie to you, that if tweyne of you consenten on the erthe, of euery thing what votre axen, it schal be don to hem of my fadir that in heuenes.- Wycliffe Bible`Again, I say to you, that if two of you on earth can agree on something they can ask, it will be done to them by My Father, who is in heaven #3. They agree on everything they ask. There is great strength in the united prayers of God`s people. The agreement can be a sign of God`s blessing and will. This is one of the reasons why churches must be led by a real majority of elders. 20 For where two or three are gathered in my name, or «in my name.» I am in the midst of them – on this passage – so full of sublime encouragement to Christian union in action and prayer – I first observe the bond in which it finds itself. Our Lord had spoken of parish assemblies before which the obstinate perversity of a brother was to be brought as a last resort and whose decision had to be final – such an honor is given by the Lord to the Church to her legitimate assemblies. But it is not these assemblies that make him only dough to be and honor. For even two people who unite to bring something before Him will discover that they are not alone, for My Father is with them, Jesus says. .


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