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You must download your apprenticeship agreement (LA) from the Online Learning site Erasmus, your department`s online platform. As it`s hot, we`ll show you when you arrive in the How-to Sessions. E-learning is the online platform used by our university to manage all aspects of teaching each curriculum within each department. The platform is a useful communication tool between teachers and students and provides all information on the themes and materials used in the classroom. La data di inizio prevista dell`Erasmus é comunicata dall`Ateneo estero, di norma coincide con il primo giorno di lezione sia in presenza che in e-learning. You can find the codes for each subject on e-learning under the name of the courses. It is also actively involved in the new Horizon 2020 framework programme and has received the first appropriations (5 MSCA: 3 MSCA-ETN (2 coordinator) and 2 MSCA-RISE. Others are in the negotiation phase. In addition, UniMiB promotes and develops the international dimension of studies, research and teaching through high-level European training programmes (lifelong learning programme – LLP, Erasmus Plus, EXTRA); International cooperation agreements; Internationalisation of the university system (UniMiB is a member of the European University Association). UniMiB has 69 active agreements with universities and research centres worldwide (16 EU, 15 in America, including the US and Canada – and 38 outside the EU – including China, Japan, Australia, India). UNIMIB`s annual turnover for external research activities amounts to 20,000,000 euros from approved projects, research services for industries, licensing of IPR.

The main annual investment in research aims to fund 15 doctoral programs, 200 post-doctoral fellowships, 14,000 m2 of laboratories for a total amount of 10,000,000 EUROS. UNIMIB supports professors, researchers, collaborators and students who create new businesses by creating university spin-offs and 15 UniMiB spin-offs are now active. You`ll then find the content and specifics of the courses in our eLearning online learning platform, which you don`t need to log in to see the program.


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