Lme Membership Agreement

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October 30, 2017, The LME announced the delivery program for its «strategic route,» including several new launches and subscription changes, including carry trade rate reductions, size revision, implied pricing and at-ground trade functionality on LMEselect and LMEprecious gold and silver options complement, following the future on platin and palladium. [22] Please note that, for the commitment contracts executed on the LME, if the executing broker and the clearing agent are countervailing members of the LME and there are no non-member counterparties or executors involved in the transaction, standard versions of customers or resellers should be used. The LME is a highly liquid global market with international membership. Because it is a major market, the only organizations that can trade with LME are their member companies, whose categories are different. LME members provide the physical and financial industry with access to the market, risk management tools and implementation mechanism. In March 2015, the LME announced that it had reached an agreement with Borsa Istanbul under which Borsa Istanbul acquired LME`s stake in the LCH clearing house. Clearnet and Borsa Istanbul, LME and LME`s parent company, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEx), would join the dissemination of market data. Under the agreements, the LME concedes its data on the installation of steel batons in Borsa Istanbul and is working with the Turkish Stock Exchange to develop future products and services for the steel market. [17] In addition to the standard versions of traders and customers of the Give-Up agreement, the Fia Law-Compliance Division provides more personalized versions of «give-up» agreements for transactions executed on the London Metal Exchange (LME) in which either direct execution or the two clearing agents are not LME member companies. LME Give-Up agreements are available in dealer and customer versions and are specially designed to comply with LME rules. Version 4 of LME is used when a Category 4 member is the execution broker and Clearer Administrative Executing is added as a party to the standard agreement. In November 2008, LME updated its LMEselect electronic trading platform in collaboration with Cinnober Financial Technology, which also provided the previous platform.

[44] The Exchange stated that the upgrade would provide a more robust system with operational efficiency.


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