Montana Buy Sell Agreement Form

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U.S. Legal Forms, Inc. offers Montana Real Estate forms and contracts for all your residential or business needs, including sales contracts, sales contracts, documents, rental forms and others. Many free forms are not valid. We provide lawyers and you with the correct valid form. Free previews available. All Montana Real Estate forms are available in Word format. Methamphetamine contamination (§75-10-1305) – A dwelling considered uninhabitable due to contamination by a methamphetamine laboratory requires a disclosure by the seller that clearly indicates that the property has not received appropriate remediation measures. A contract for the purchase and sale of real estate in Montana is a document used to submit a financial offer for real estate and executed by two (2) parties; a buyer and a seller. Once completed, the form describes all the conditions of the offer, for example. B the amount offered, the buyer`s financing methods and the date on which it expires if it is not accepted. The seller has the right to refuse and negotiate an offer until it expires. The written agreement becomes legally binding as soon as both parties have signed it.

Radon (§ 75-3-606) – The related disclosure statement in the title should be included in the content of the sales contract and acknowledged by the buyer. If the building for sale has been checked for radioactive gas, the seller is also obliged to present the results of the investigation to the buyer. Mold (§ 70-16-703) – When selling a house, transferors must provide the following mold information: New Housing (§ 28-2-2202) – Only for new and never inhabited real estate, this disclosure requires the seller/developer to provide the buyer with relevant documents for all inspections/tests performed by the general contractor. An explicit warranty with the minimum expiry date of one year must also be provided to the future owner when concluding a contract. The montana residential real estate purchase contract («general residential purchase agreement») describes the conditions of a residential real estate activity between a buyer and a seller. The agreement sets out the amount to be paid to the seller, the buyer`s financial information and the closing date of the transaction. The contract must be signed by both buyer and seller and each part of the contract must contain the initials of both parties. Seller`s Disclosure Statement – Although it is not necessary, the seller of a property may provide the buyer with a statement describing the condition of the property. The contract contains detailed information about the seller and buyer of real estate; the description of the property; the purchase price and the serious money of the contract; the nature of the funding; Conditions of ownership, etc. The contract is very detailed since it is signed without the services of a broker. This document has the force of res judicata and is very useful in the event of a dispute between the parties….


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