New Ebay User Agreement Changes

Escrito por: Redacción    28 septiembre 2021     1 minuto

While we may facilitate dispute resolution through various programs, eBay has no control over the existence, quality, safety, or legality of the advertised items and does not guarantee them. the accuracy or precision of the content or list of users; the ability of sellers to sell items; the ability of buyers to pay for the item; or that a buyer or seller actually enters into a transaction or returns an item. eBay membership and offer on listed items is free. The fees we collect for the use of other services are listed on our site. We may change our selling fees from time to time by posting the changes 14 days in advance on the eBay site, but no prior listing is required for temporary promotions. As part of the MOU, Nikola and GM will integrate GM`s Hydrotec fuel cell technology into Nikola`s Class 7 and 8 emission-free semi-trailers, and the companies will «discuss» the potential use of GM Nikolas Truck`s Class 7 and 8 Ultium battery system. Nikola said he is still waiting to start testing prototypes of his fuel cell trucks by the end of 2021. . .


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