Sample Of Master Franchise Agreement

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8.5. Payment to Médecins Sans Frontières of 100% (100%) of all revenues actually received by franchisees in the territory during this agreement, following training entirely provided and provided by Médecins Sans Frontières in the region. 13.1.3. the consent of the potential buyer to participate in the next Médecins Sans Frontières training class; Under Mexican law, franchises are subject to the Industrial Property Law and it is presumed that there is a franchise agreement when: (2) The master franchisor pays the franchisee a deductible of 10% of the total value (excluding VAT) of all invoices issued by franchisees during each billing period before deduction of taxes (excluding VAT). Commissions or other fees or levies of any kind. The master franchisee also pays the VAT correctly collected by the franchisee on the aforementioned franchises. This relationship may be agreed in writing or orally, but must be confirmed in writing in the latter case before the conclusion of the performance of the contract. In this context, this type of agreement establishes a spontaneous and temporary relationship between the client and the agent, in so far as, once the agent has executed the corresponding act or agreement, the contracting entity will be able to establish a new commercial relationship.5 B. The Company operates and authorizes others to operate car care Points of Service («POS») under the trade name and service mark «PRONTOWASH». The use of processes, business methods, cleaning products, business forms and business guidelines has been developed by companies. The company has also developed knowledge of the implementation and operation of POS. 4.2.

MSF makes advertising materials available to potential franchisees (e.g. B the uniform franchise offering circular) required by applicable federal and state laws, regulations and regulations, in accordance with the schedule and other requirements of such laws, rules and regulations relating to franchise offers and sales. MSF makes available to the Company any other promotional, marketing and other materials (and any proposed revisions to such materials) that MSF wishes to use in connection with the activities provided for in this Agreement. From time to time, Médecins Sans Frontières makes all changes to the materials requested by the company. 4.1. MSF will generate interest in franchises, help them to realize and develop franchises by providing (a) accurate, accurate and complete information about the company in a timely manner, in accordance with all the guidelines it provides to companies as defined and amended from time to time, and available to current federal data, national and local laws and regulations; and (b) assisting or advising interested parties in site selection, rental negotiations; construction, openings; and other matters….


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