Separation Agreement Reconciliation

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To simplify matters, they asked the judge to choose between two initial dates of assessment of the pension: the first from the date of their reconciliation in 2006 and the second from the date of their marriage in 1997, which would have the effect of almost doubling the amount of compensation paid to the wife. from approximately $139,000 to $272,000. At the hearing, the judge decided that the pension exemption had not been invalidated when the couple reconciled. On appeal, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled otherwise: it found that the trial judge had erred in failing to give full effect to the 90-day reconciliation clause, and that his release was void and did not prevent the spouse from claiming a share of the husband`s pension. In doing so, the Court of Appeal set aside the judgment of the procedural judge, whose decision, according to the proceeding, did not come into force a clause nullifies the provisions of the separation agreement, after the parties had reconciled for more than 90 days. The question is: Is their initial separation agreement still good? Does the fact that they reconciled after doing so harm their legal validity once they separated a second time? I was a little surprised by her tone, to tell the truth, because she looked a little accusatory. As we should have known, she would never reconcile with her husband, and we should have omitted care. It may sound superficial, but I can assure you that your agreement on your protection includes a reconciliation provision. The basic rule is that a separation contract is inconclusive as soon as there is reconciliation.



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