Splunk Professional Services Agreement

Escrito por: Redacción    8 octubre 2021     2 minutos

«Specifications» means the specifications and/or any applicable orders describing the specific services to be provided by Splunk, including all materials and services to be provided by Splunk. «Internal Purposes» means the internal use of your systems, networks, devices and data for the purposes of internal testing and evaluation of the pre-release software to provide feedback on the pre-release software. Such use does not include the use of your systems, networks or devices as part of services provided for the benefit of a third party. (vi) the access and use of the carrier exclusively to transmit the customer`s content to the corresponding services. The terms of this subsection and this Agreement supersede and supersede in their entirety all click-through agreements that the Customer must accept before accessing the Carrier. Allotment. neither party may assign, delegate or transfer all or part of this Service Agreement to C&I, by agreement, by law or otherwise without the prior written consent of the other party; However, Splunk may assign all or part of this C&I Services Agreement as part of an internal reorganization, merger, acquisition or sale of all of Splunk`s assets or, in essence, all splunk`s assets covered by this C&I Services Agreement. Any attempt to assign this C&I service agreement is null and void, contrary to what is permitted. Subject to the foregoing, these C&I services are related to and are convinced of the rights holders and authorized assignees of the parties.

2.3 Transmission of Customer Content. The customer is responsible for the acquisition and maintenance of all telecommunications, broadband and computer equipment and services necessary for access to and use of the services and the payment of all related taxes. The Customer is the owner and/or responsible for any Customer Content that the Customer transmits to the Services. Without limiting Splunk`s security obligations in accordance with section 1.2 above, Customer is responsible for the security of Customer Content when transferring to and from the Services. Customer acknowledges that any encryption of Customer Content stored on the Service (i.e., «encryption at rest») is subject to Customer`s separate purchase of encryption features available by Splunk. . . .


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