Trekk Agreement

Escrito por: Redacción    12 octubre 2021     1 minuto

This Privacy Policy applies to and Trekk Design, Inc. and governs the collection and use of data. This Agreement establishes, with each order form, the entire agreement and understanding between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements between the parties regarding their subject matter. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, this Agreement shall apply in place thereof and shall prevail over all terms contained in correspondence or elsewhere or referred to in correspondence or elsewhere or which are implied by the use or conduct of transactions. The terms and conditions of an order or other document issued by the customer under this agreement are not binding on TrekkSoft. In entering into this agreement, each party acknowledges and agrees that it has not relied on the assurances of the other party, unless the agreement so provides. Such insurance is excluded. Nothing in this clause limits liability for fraudulent insurance…


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