Uk France Migrant Agreement

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The UK and France have signed a new deal to try to stop the undocumented movement of people across the Channel by establishing patrols and technology to close a dangerous route that refugees and migrants use in hopes of reaching the UK on small boats. In a speech to the Foreign Office on Saturday, Patel praised the «common intelligence» between the two nations and cited it as the reason «French authorities have prevented more than 5,000 migrants from entering the UK.» A group of people considered migrants will be emigrants by border guards following a small boat accident in the English Channel, Monday, October 19, in Dover, Kent, the agreement includes measures to help migrants stay in France, as well as measures to strengthen border security in ports in the north and west of the country. It builds on previously agreed measures, in which the share of intercepted crossings has increased from 41% in 2019 to 60% in recent weeks. Patel was criticized for the government`s failure to combat a wave of migrants aboard small boats passing through northern France. To date, more than 8,500 migrants have landed in Britain this year, up from 1,850 in 2019. Britain and France have struck a new deal to combat migrants crossing the Channel, with more officials patrolling beaches and using «state-of-the-art» surveillance technology, the Home Office said. New agreement reached today by the Minister of the Interior and her French counterpart to tackle the activities of migrants in the Channel. 🔹 twice as many police officers on beaches in France🔹 strengthen surveillance with the most modern technologies🔹 introduce more security in ports🔹 the accommodation of migrants in Malika Bilal discusses with Erika Andiola the current treatment of immigrants in the United States. Ms Patel at the Home Office in central London, where she signed a new agreement with her French counterpart The new agreement to combat migrant crossings comes a month after members of a Kurdish-Iranian family died when her boat capsized in the English Channel. Ms Patel said: «Today`s agreement is an important moment for our two countries, where we are strengthening our joint actions to combat illegal immigration.» Britain and France have signed a new agreement to contain the number of migrants crossing the Channel in small boats. Patel said the new deal with France would «make a difference» in the numbers. A group of migrants were transported to Dover by border guards on November 23 The French agreement, signed after talks began this summer, will also involve an «expanded package» of drones, radar equipment and fixed cameras to detect migrants trying to cross. A group of people believed to be migrants are running from an inflatable boat at Kingsdown Beach, near Dover, Kent, where they crossed the Channel on 14 Patel told British media that French authorities had already prevented 5,000 migrants from reaching the UK this year.



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